Friday, December 11, 2009

Long Time No See

Looky here -- today I'm taking a first stab at selling my hand-knits. A friend is gathering a crowd at her house for a living room alternative to holiday shopping and I'm hanging my shingle.

Mason Dixon dish cloths just like Grandma used to use. They fade and get tighter and stronger with age -- just like Grandma!

I've used up a fraction of the Peaches and Cream stash I had, so there's been minimal new out of pocket expense (stash, no matter the total cost, stops being an expense after one year -- why, it's practically making money down in the basement in that laundry basket you got for your wedding!). Only a minimal outlay of funds for the groovy price tags I picked up at Office Max. The tags are very spartan, retro: probably what Emmett would have used in his Fix-It Shop.

I hand wrote a description in my best Church Bazaar Lady handwriting -- 'machine washable/pot scrub-able' -- I think it adds something. Besides, I don't know how to do fancy printing of tags, so you better believe writing by hand with a No. 2 adds something.

As for this fledgling blog -- practically on life support -- I may be coming back to it. You can still knit a blanket for the homeless as described below -- I am working on a couple -- I've just been laying low, down where it's dark and cozy.

But now it's time for the middle schoolers to eat their breakfast and finish their assigned pages of Esperanza Rising and remember if it's gym day or not, and to ask if there could please be some different cereal soon and for the dog to inch closer to me asking for his breakfast (which could be lamb meal and rice until the end of his days, he will never complain) and for the husband to wake up and remember his present for the office Christmas party which is an afternoon of duckpin bowling, which will undoubtedly make everyone very, very thirsty.

And I haven't packed the lunches yet.